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African Elephant, KenyaAfrican Elephant Nursing, KenyaAfrican Leopard, KenyaAtlantic Puffin, Machias Seal IslandBald Eagle, MaineBarred Owl, VermontLord of the Woods, MaineBull Moose I, MaineBull Moose II, CanadaBull Moose III, CanadaCedar Waxwing, VermontEastern Bluebird, VermontEastern Tiger Swallowtail, VermontFemale Ruby-throat, VermontGolden Beaver, VermontGreat Gray Owl, CanadaHarbor Seals, MaineHooded Merganser, VermontHumpback Whale and Razorbills, NewfoundlandHumpback Whale Pec-slapping, Alaska