2004 - Photographing in Costa Rica2004 - Photographing in Costa Rica
Whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, or a pro, or perhaps you’re an environmental educator or a teacher interested in using your images as interpretive or educational tools, you're not interested in taking snapshots. Rather, you want to create compelling natural history images that will inspire, enlighten, sell, and reflect your passion for the intrinsic value of our natural environment.

Sojourns In Nature tours and workshops will put you in the right place at the right time to produce professional-quality images of Earth’s natural wonders from New England to Australia. Moreover, I'll be coaching you in every aspect of the art, from setting up your tripod in the field to calibrating your monitor and establishing a digital workflow to produce publishable and gallery-quality nature photographs.

My exclusive workshops and tours are customized to accommodate the needs and desires of the participants. These are exclusive experiences, limited to a maximum of three participants so that I can give everyone in the workshop or tour all the attention and instruction they require. When you contact me, we begin a working relationship to design a tour or workshop that will be uniquely yours, i.e., that will teach you what you want to learn or put you where you need to be to photograph whatever it is you wish to photograph, from astrophotography to underwater photography.

Sojourns In Nature tours have been featured several times in Nature Photographer magazine, particularly in the Spring, 2011, and the Summer, 2012 issues.

As a naturalist with an M.Sc. in zoology and over three decades of teaching biology, zoology, and ecology at the post-secondary level, I can infuse all of my field programs with insights into the natural history of the environments we visit. I have a fundamental understanding of all of Earth's major environments from alpine tundra to coral reefs. Not only does this information make the experience more interesting and fulfilling for all involved, but it also makes us better nature photographers.

Sojourns In Nature itineraries keep us in the field where we belong. Box lunches are the norm and sometimes breakfast must wait until after the safari. Dinners are usually put off until well after sunset when, finally, at the end of an extraordinary day, photographing that bull caribou with his harem at dawn seems like it occurred two weeks ago.

When necessary, I use local guides and operators who are native to the area and clean, yet modest, accommodations (though with all the necessary creature comforts). Moreover, I invariably choose operators who, under no circumstances, endanger, harass, or otherwise disturb or risk the well-being of the environments, animals, and plants we observe and photograph.

Immerse yourself in your passion and experience a Sojourns In Nature adventure. I’ll take you to the most spectacular natural locations on Earth, help you achieve your full potential as a nature photographer, and I personally guarantee that you will bring home some truly world-class images.

Contact me to discuss a personalized custom itinerary designed especially for you.

With gratitude and respect,