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A collection of images of professional nature photographer, Gustav W. Verderber. The world traveling adventures include scuba diving underwater with the sharks, being a Kodak Ambassador at Yellowstone National Park, to toasting with a drink on the shores of Bermuda and beyond.
1992 - With Clay and Sue Cook in Bermuda.1992 - Photographing Harp Seals for IFAW2003 - Gustav as Kodak Ambassador; Yellowstone National Park2003 - Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park2003 - Yellowstone Fishing Bridge Rangers2003 - My Friend Ranger Bob Greenburg in Yellowstone.2004 - Photographing in Costa Rica2005 - Photographing Great Gray Owls with Rob Servranckx2006 - Gustav & Vince in Maine.2006 - Photographing freshwater jellyfish with Stu.2006 - "Lefty" (Stu Randall) & Me "Dusty" in Newfoundland.2008 - Fall Foliage Tour2010 - Southwest Light and Color Tour2010 - Preparing to photograph Niagara Falls with Harry.2011 - The Moose Drool Crew in Glacier NP.2014 - Diving with Bruni, Oscar, Kristin in Belize2014 - Kath & Tim Bowers with me on Cadillac Mountain.2015 - Gustav Diving in Roatan.2015 - Dive buddy, Mike Kontrovitz, and sea star.2015 - Surfacing after photographing reef shark.