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2016 Super Lunar Eclipse Calendar

For many of us, the Super Lunar Eclipse in September 27, 2015 was a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Here in Vermont, I was extremely fortunate to enjoy and photograph the total eclipse on a crystal clear evening as it occurred over the Green Mountains.  My 2016 Calendar allows you to enjoy this unique celestial event all year and, if you take care of it (it is indeed suitable for framing), indefinitely.

The 12-month, single-page calendar is printed on high-quality poster stock. It measures 17" high by 11" wide. 

Cost: $18.00

2016 Super Lunar Eclipse Calendar
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Close to Home and Farther Afield

Sojourns In Nature is extremely proud to announce the publication of its newest portfolio book, "Sojourns In Nature – Close to Home and Farther Afield”. This is the third, and most comprehensive book in the “Sojourns In Nature” series featuring the best of our photographic work.

After hundreds of hours invested in production and layout, we’ve produced a portfolio book which includes over 150 photographic images of nature spanning more than a decade of field work. You’ll experience the grandeur of New England’s fall foliage, be thrilled by close encounters with moose and owls and bears and bobcats and whales, and find yourself transfixed before magnificent waterfalls, dazzling sunrises, and breathtaking landscapes from frozen wilderness to steamy glacial bogs inhabited by meat-eating plants! The lion’s share of images in this book come from Gustav and Rob’s home ground: Northeastern U.S., Southern Quebec, and the Maritime provinces.

The book can be purchased directly from Blurb at a price of $45.95 U.S. The widget below will give you a 40 page preview of the book. Please let us know what you think!

"Closer to Home and Farther Afield features over 150 images by Gustav W. Verderber and Robert Servranckx. This is a stunningly beautiful portfolio of landscape, wildlife, and macro images. Those familiar with Gustav’s and Rob’s work will be thrilled with this collection of images, and those new to their work will be dedicated fans once they experience the splendor of their work. The rich colors, the dramatic scenics, the eye-stopping wildlife behavior, the unique macro images, and more draw you into this book beckoning you to spend hours upon hours studying this collection of images. The book’s design is very pleasing in its simplicity supporting the exquisite beauty of each image. Closer to Home and Farther Afield is a book that photographers as well as nature lovers will treasure."

Helen Longest-Saccone, Publisher Nature Photographer Magazine

Fine Art Prints

Sojourns In Nature fine art gallery prints are exclusively available through our mobile gallery pictured below. From mid-May to mid-October, look for the green cargo trailer and come visit me at the Waitsfield, VT Artisan Market on Saturdays, at the Spruce Peak Artisan Market in Stowe, VT on Fridays, and the Stowe Craft & Farmer's Market on the Mountain Road in Stowe, VT on Sundays.

All prints are open edition, 18” x 24”, signed, matted, and framed in solid oak. We use only premium photo papers, Epson inks, and archival mats and backings which resist degradation and fading for decades when properly displayed.

For specific times and market schedules, please visit these websites:

Nesting Behavior - The Romantic Memoir of a New England Nature Photographer

The year is 1998 and by all appearances, aspiring nature photographer, Gustav W. Verderber, is a vagabond - or, as his father not-so-affectionately refers to him, a “nature bum”. We first meet him, early one, foggy morning, standing in his underwear as he relieves himself on the Cutler, Maine wharf. And later that morning, when almost anyone else would be primping and fussing and scurrying about, attending to last minute details in preparation for their impending nuptials just hours away, Verderber is hopping on a lobster boat to photograph puffins on Machias Seal Island - eager to get the shot that would finally put him on the professional map - and getting whitewashed in bird guano in the process. He returns with a single roll of unexposed film in his belly pack, preciously saved because there is, after all, the likelihood that he’ll be attending his wedding that evening - that is, if his longtime love actually shows up – and he’d certainly want some photos to commemorate the event.

Nesting Behavior is an exploration of the sometimes sordid (funding his master’s research by hustling in the Florida Keys), sometimes morbid (running over the local police chief’s cat on his first trip to Acadia National Park), but always humorous contingencies that ultimately find this itinerant naturalist and photographer by the tide pools on the Schootic Point peninsula at the end of a truly remarkable and quintessential Down East day. Verderber’s unorthodox wedding is the focal point of a compelling narrative that takes the reader on a journey through his unconventional life to eventually become one of New England’s foremost nature photographers. Infused with the author’s passion for natural history, plus some insights into the art of nature photography, Nesting Behavior is a poignant, homespun New England love story rich with Down East characters and places.

Sojourns, Volume 1 Book

Nesting Behavior is great, super wonderful.
Helen Longest-Saccone, Publisher, Nature Photographer Magazine

Nesting Behavior is available as a hard-cover manuscript. Please allow one week for shipping.

Price: $25 U.S. plus $5 for S&H

Did you read the book? If so, please email your comments to Gustav.

Photographing Yellowstone National Park

This guide is designed to allow the average visitor to comfortably manage the vast abundance of subjects within Yellowstone National Park and to answer the crucial questions of what is worth photographing and how to do that in a way that will result in postcard-perfect photos of the park's landscapes and wildlife. An appendix provides a suggested itinerary to plan a visit to each district. No park visitor should be without it.

Photographing Yellowstone National Park

Purchase this book:

I recently vacationed in Yellowstone armed with your travel guide. You are "dead on" in every detail. Thank you so much for divulging so many secrets.
Natalie Nestor

Your guide has enabled me to save countless days of searching by informing me of critical times, locations and access points. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I can’t thank you enough!
David Miranda

I purchased your book Photographing Yellowstone National Park and found it to be one of the best guide books I've read. On my first visit to Yellowstone, I used your suggestions extensively and got some great shots. Your suggestion about West Thumb Geyser Basin at sunrise was spot on and yes, I found the trail up the hill behind Grand Prismatic Spring although I think I took the hard way up and got a great shot. Great book!
Larry Young

"I bought a number of (Yellowstone) books and a friend loaned me more - yours is the most helpful - thanks for writing it."
Joy Henderson


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