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Patrons visiting my gallery (see previous blog “A Wonderful Life”) often ask whether they can purchase my prints on line, or they ask if I have a brochure, or a business card. I tell them that my prints are only available from me personally, at the markets from May through October, and that I do not have a brochure, not even a business card. It’s time to confess to those of you who took a moment to sign my guestbook, that I lied. ūüėČ

My prints are not limited edition, that is, they are not numbered as part of a finite number of reproductions from a file or slide. ¬† That would make each print a one-of-a-kind, exclusive work of art, like an original Ansel Adams photograph as compared to a poster of an Ansel Adams photograph. ¬†(Chill out, I’m not saying my work ranks up there with the likes of the great Ansel Adams. Geeesh!) ¬†The point is that I need my prints to keep me warm and my belly full until, well, until being warm and having a full belly no longer matters. ¬†For a print to be truly limited edition, I would have to destroy the file or slide from which the print is produced once those finite number of prints have been made. ¬†You see where that might pose a serious dillema if I reached the maximum number of prints while my body still needed food and warmth. ¬†(I suppose I could try to estimate the number of prints I expect to sell given the average longevity of males in the U.S. who don’t smoke, eat a heart-healthy diet, who swim with whale sharks, and enjoy a nice, single malt once in a while…but I was never very good with math.)

Therefore, instead of limiting the number of prints I sell, to add value and make them exclusive, I simply limit where and how I sell them. ¬†That, in turn, limits the production and distribution of the prints, which makes them exclusive. You’ll not find my work at and I’m not wholesaling my prints at a discount to Walmart. ¬†With one exception, you can only find my prints in my gallery, the green Wells Cargo trailer, at the Waitsfield, Stowe, and Spruce Peak markets during the summer.

The exception? From now until Christmas, I am making the prints available from a special page on my website, the Fine Art Print page. ¬†Only those of you who signed my guestbook and receive this newsletter know about this. On the gallery page you’ll see all the prints you’ve seen in my gallery at the markets and many more. ¬†After all, the trailer only holds 38 prints and we have over a hundred prints to choose from. ¬†Looking for that unique holiday gift? ¬†Did I mention that these prints are exclusive, one-of-a-kind works of art? ūüôā

So, please take this opportunity to purchase a landscape or wildlife photograph for yourself or as a gift because, after Christmas, along with the lights and ornaments, our special gallery page will disappear.

Below, are some recent additions to the gallery. ¬†Of course, there’s also our coffee table book (see the side bar). Or, check out our Custom Tours page and treat that aspiring nature photographer of yours to a day in the field with me.

Bass Harbor Light II

Bass Harbor Light II


Four Corners Falls, Autumn

Four Corners Falls, Autumn


Autumn Fantasia

Autumn Fantasia

I look forward to seeing you in 2014.  In the meantime, Rob and I wish everyone a fulfilling and happy holiday season.

With gratitude and respect,

Gustav & Rob


  1. 12-4-2013

    Gustav & Rob
    beautiful work as always
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season

    • 12-4-2013

      Thanks very much, John. And you as well.

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