Gustav W. Verderber is an author, professional nature photographer, naturalist, diver, and a professor of biology and environmental science at Northern Vermont University.

He has travelled the world, from the arctic to the Galápagos Islands, from Alaska to Kenya to photograph Earth's natural wonders. His images have appeared on the covers of leading national and international publications including Natural History and Nature's Best, and he's a contributing editor for Nature Photographer magazine.

His books, Photographing Yellowstone National Park and a memoir are available on

Mr. Verderber lives in Troy, VT with his wife Cheryl, their English Setter, Charlie, and cats Cassie and Lia.

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in biology, Gustav strapped a tent and sleeping bag to his motorcycle and took off with his camera and a dream of becoming a professional nature photographer. Vermont Magazine now regards him as one of New England’s finest nature photographers. For more about his journey, click on the newspaper clipping below.


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