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Sojourns In Nature: Gustav W. Verderber's Profile

Gustav W. VerderberGustav W. Verderber is a naturalist, author, professional nature photographer, and adjunct professor of environmental science.
David Sleeper, former editor and publisher of Vermont Magazine, says:
"Gustav W. Verderber is one of the few professional photographers with whom I've worked who can write as well as he can photograph. Although he claims his strength is in making images with a camera, I would argue that he does as well creating images with words. He has done first-rate articles for Vermont Magazine on color, nature photography, and terns and even took on a decidedly unnatural topic when he wrote about the air national guard for us. I highly recommend Gustav's work -- both words and photographs -- and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Credits: Publishing credits include: cover & feature article in Natural History, Nature Photographer, Nature’s Best, Backpacker, National Audubon Society Calendar, Ranger Rick, Vermont Life, Vermont Magazine, Yankee, Northern Woodlands, Natural New England, Fly Rod & Reel, Adirondack Life, Nebraskaland Magazine.  Gustav has also been the featured guest speaker at the New England Camera Club Council Annual Convention, The Photographic Society of America International Conference, the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs, the Cleveland Metro Parks annual festival, as well as at clubs, corporate meetings, nature centers, galleries, and campuses across the United States. In 2003, Gustav photographed Yellowstone National Park on assignment for Kodak.  WCAX TV, Burlington, Vermont regularly features Gustav as part of their local “Nature Notes” series.  Gustav’s prints are exhibited in galleries from Vermont to Pennsylvania.

His multimedia presentation, Sojourns in The Wild, has received standing ovations from coast to coast and he continues to produce new versions of his acclaimed presentation which features original scores by noted composer, William Jackson, as he travels the world adding exciting new images to his portfolio. 

Gustav lives in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom with his wife, Cheryl, and their English setters, Aldo and Béla.

Sojourns In Nature: Robert Servranckx's Profile

Robert ServranckxRobert Servranckx lives in a quiet suburb of Montreal, Quebec, with his wife Johanne. He's had a life-long interest for nature and wildlife, and has channelled this into a passion for nature photography.

Like many nature photographers, Rob has a day job that pays the bills. For him, this means work in the IT industry, as a Functional Manager and Project Manager for Cactus Commerce.

Rob's photographic journey started later in his life, in September 2004, with the acquisition of a Canon EOS 20D digital SLR camera, a number of quality Canon lenses, and other photographic equipment.

Despite being a late bloomer on the photography front, he's won numerous photography contests and prizes in a very short time behind the lens, and has been published in numerous magazines, books and calendars, such as Nature's Best Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, Yankee Magazine, PhotoLife, Inner Reflections calendar, and many others. His photographs are available for licensing via the following stock agencies: Oxford Scientific, Visuals Unlimited, Okapia and Outside Imagery.

Rob is the creator of the Sojourns In Nature web site, as well as of his personal web site, Visions In Nature.

Although he considers himself a "generalist" when it comes to nature photography, Rob is most interested in landscapes. The reason for this is that it requires the combination of technical expertise and know-how, impeccable technique, compositional artistry, and plenty of patience. It is critically important to master the understanding of exposure, how to get a very sharp image, how to effectively use filters, and to develop a strong artistic ability in order to produce visually pleasing images of high quality. Rob gets a sense of inner peace when he's out shooting landscapes; he's forced to slow down, and be deliberate to get the shot. This suits his personality.

Rob is the author and web master of the Visions In Nature web site.

Ethical Note

Robert and I are environmental interpreters, that is, we strive to promote the intrinsic value of the natural world through accurate and honest photography and writing. Toward that end, we avoid images of captive wildlife (and clearly identify the few that are captive) and refrain from digitally manipulating our images to such an extent that they do not represent what we actually witnessed in the field.

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